Press / Publications
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- "The Insider: Salvaged Materials, Quirky Finds Star in Architect's Own Greenwood Heights Digs"
   by CasaCARA,, January 2017
- "10 Questions to Ask Your Architect", July 2016.
- "How To Replace Facade elements on a Historically Protected Building", May 2016.
- "Contemporary Addition Rises on 5th Avenue in Greenwood Heights", July 2014.
"Giant Tree-House Like Cube Rises in Greenwood Heights" Brooklyn Magazine, July 2014.
- "New 3 Story Brick Going In On Hoyt", July 2014.
- "How Software Fundamentally Changed Design: Eric Safyan/ Architect" 
   article by Sara Pepitone, Interior Design Magazine>, October 2013.
- "Roberta's Cookbook" includes selected photos by Eric Safyan. Fall 2013. Link>
- "Getting Started: High Mileage Renovations" article by Jim Rendon, New York Times, June 20, 2013.
- "5 Common Bathroom Mistakes to Avoid" article by Dylan Chappell, , 2013
- "Precious Ruby's Back" article by Rich Calder, New York Post, May 20, 2012.
- "Coney Island's Ruby's Renovation Lets Landmark Bar Stay Put," article by
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   article by Cheryl Weber, Residential Architect Magazine, June 2005.
- "Space Invaders: Advanced Objectmaking" published by SCI_Arc Public Access Press, 2002.
- "Hoogvliet Buffer Zone Improvement Guidelines" published by SCI_Arc Public Access Press, 2002.
- "Rosario: Crossroads of the Mercosur" edited by Eric Safyan, SCI_Arc Public Access Press, 2002.

- Exhibit planning/design for Gowanus By Design's "Water Works" Competition, Fall 2013
- Exhibit planning/design for Gowanus By Design's "Gowanus Lowline" Competition, Fall 2011
- Exhibit Design/ Construction for L.A. Competitions Exhibit @ A+D Museum, Los Angeles Spring 2002
- Furniture Fabrication/Installation @ the Service Spot, Skid Row Housing Trust Summer 2001
- MR+D Paperless Studio Project - diverCITY Exhibit @ Pacific Design Center Westweek 2002

- S.O.M Travelling Fellowship Nomination from SCI_Arc, post-professional category
- Red Hook Waterfront Competition Entry
- MLK Memorial Competition Entry (with Casey Feeney)
- New York AIA Headquarters Competition (while at FPE Architects)
- 2002 NCARB Prize competition entry Fall 2001

- Member of Brooklyn Creative League
- Member of The Architectural League of New York
- Memeber of NY Landmarks Conservancy
- Member of Gowanus By Design
- Member of Coney Island USA
- Volunteer at Architecture for Humanity for Gowanus Dredgers proposal, 2006
- Construction of PS1/”Urban Beach” installation by Tom Wiscombe/ Emergent Spring 2003
- Invited guest juror to midterm and final reviews at Pratt University and SCI_Arc
- Registered Architect, New York State